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A team of local General Practitioners with a Special Interest in Gynaecology (GPSIs) is working with a team of Consultant Gynaecologists to provide this service. The aims are to ensure that you will be seen by the right person in the right place first time for the management of your gynaecological problem, and to provide an excellent community based gynaecology service.


What Happens After referral by my GP?

Your referral will be looked at by the Community Gynaecology Triage team very quickly and there are four possible outcomes:

Further advice is given to your GP with ideas of different treatments.

An assessment in the Community Gynaecology Clinc with a GPSI in Gynaecology.

An assessment in the Community Gynaecology Clinic with a Consultant Gynaecologist.

Onward referral to an acute hospital clinic if appropriate (via the NHS e-referrals service).

We will contact you to advise you of the next step. If this is an appointment in the Community Gynaecology service, we will send you an invitation letter to enable you to book your appointment.

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